Worms in the Basement

I have worms in the basement!

Yes, on purpose.  Yes, I might be crazy.

But when I look at the worm bins I see beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.  I am now vermicomposting. One bin has a few worms bought from the local box store as live fishing bait.  It doesn’t look like enough worms in there to convert the entire bin to wonderful nutrient rich soil additive. I will probably add some more over the next weeks. The other bin has one pound of red wigglers bought from a compost worm supplier, NC Worm Farm. Follow them here,  The Benefits of Vermicompost | NC Worm Farm News  These worms are smaller but plenty of them. They just arrived yesterday and I am curious to see how fast the vegetable scraps added to the bin disappears.  The bins are in the basement for now. The temperature there holds about 50 degrees so I hope that works. I may move them upstairs to a warmer location.  The book that was very helpful to get started was The Best Place for Garbage by Sandra Wiese.

Look for updates as the worm saga continues. Although it is still difficult to tell if worms are happy?!

Here are the photos of the bin getting started.

IMG_0216[1] IMG_0215[1] IMG_0217[1] IMG_0219[1] IMG_0218[1] IMG_0220[1]

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