Well, it has been a few weeks since I welcomed the worms into my home. The red wrigglers were moved upstairs to keep them warmer and  it seems to have been a success.  The amount of veggie scraps that has been converted to worm poop is amazing.  There is no bad odor just an earthy smell.  A small problem developed over the weekend when I opened the bin to show off the process, fruit flies flew out! Yuck!  From rereading the book The Best Place for Garbage  the flies develop when fresh scraps are put in the bin.  The author suggests freezing the scraps before adding them to the bin.  I will definitely do that from now on.  For now I am pleased with the progress. The fishing worms are still in the basement and slower to eat the scraps.

week 2

Before adding new food

Before adding new food

week 3